Fresno residents enjoy great recreation options

The summer time is visiting a finish

The imminent cold and fog is the catalyst for any recent visit to the mountain tops. We'd our boy Hunter a few days ago and that we had talked about returning towards the Merced River.

We improvised to shorten the drive and visited Angel Falls near Bass Lake rather. It switched to be an enjoyable experience. We showed up fairly late because I'd never had the experience and that i got lost in route there.

You can't leave before you purchase the gas.

Area of the reason we showed up as late once we did was because we went right into a problem getting gas in order to Angel Falls.

We stopped at 22 mile house to obtain gas for my motorcycle and also the vehicle. (We caravan-erectile dysfunction track of one vehicle along with a motorcycle) I pumped gas for that motorcycle after which drawn up and so i could put fuel in to the vehicle.

Hunter wanted some Gatorade and so i went in to the store to cover the gas and also the Gatorade. We contacted the cashier using the Gatorade along with a soda for me personally and paid a charge card/ATM to pay for the balance.

Angel Falls pictures

Levi & Evan

The cashier went the credit card and explained it was rejected. I requested him to operate the credit card again because there is lots of profit the account. He went the credit card over and over explained that 'it wouldn't undergo.A

Checking the Bank

Then your cashier explained which i had already pumped the gas and that i couldn't leave until he will get his money. It is a fact the gas had recently been pumped since the relaxation from the group was still being using the vehicle plus they pumped the gas the moment he switched the pump on.

I did not have another charge card beside me and so i drawn out a company card (every lawyer brings business card printing together swimming because who knows when you will meet somebody that requires a lawyer) and told the cashier 'ok, I'm a lawyer I'll come back and pay out for that gas.'

The cashier stated no, you can't leave before you pay for your gas. I requested the credit card and so i could withdraw the cash in the ATM which was within the store. He allow me to possess the ATM card and that i visited the equipment within the store.

Bass Lake and Angel Falls

Hunter, Levi & Evan

I checked the total amount from the account and confirmed that there is nearly 100 occasions just as much profit the account when i was attempting to spend. The issue could be that the Bank desired to charge us a absurd fee to withdraw funds. I figured 'I am not likely to spend six dollars to obtain $30 dollars out, and so i printed the balance and came back towards the cashier.

Make certain there's paper within the charge card machine

I known as the financial institution to determine that which was wrong using the card. After remaining on hold for any very long time, I had been attached to a manager. The manager explained they often see the transaction for gas for that motorcycle plus they often see the transaction for further gas, Gatorade along with a soda.

I described the cashier was saying which i couldn't leave until I compensated the balance. Meanwhile a youthful lady arrived to the shop very troubled. When I was talking with the financial institution I overheard her on the telephone explaining that they locked the secrets to her vehicle within the vehicle.

I felt terrible on her because she was youthful and incredibly upset. I understood when I possibly could resolve the problem using the card I possibly could assist the youthful lady out.

Angel Falls and Bass Lake north east of Fresno

Hunter at Angel Falls

The financial institution explained the merchant had received the payment which I ought to call law enforcement since it appeared like these were attempting to keep my card unlawfully.

An effort at diplomacy

I stuck using the bank and described towards the cashier which i got from the phone using the bank plus they explained the payment have been approved which I ought to call law enforcement.

The cashier grew to become furious, he explained to call law enforcement while he hadn't done anything wrong. I attempted to reason with him, I stated 'that is exactly what the financial institution explained to complete. Right it is now all of us and I wish to cope with this issue between us.A

I Quickly requested him the way we could settle the problem. Just like I had been asking him the way we could settle the problem he researched at me and stated, 'hold on the minute.'

Then your cashier drawn out a roll of paper and began feeding the credit card processing machine. Within a few moments the equipment started printing an invoice. A grin discovered the cashier's face and that he stated, 'paper, it had been from paper.'

The cashier handed us a receipt after which requested my company card again. He mumbled something about never knowing if you want an attorney. I handed him my company card and left the shop.

swimming at Angel Falls

Levi & Hunter

Secrets located in the vehicle

The moment I left the shop I started searching for the lady who had locked her secrets in her own vehicle. I'd instructed my nephew to try and help her as i was on the telephone using the bank.

My nephew had fashioned a wire hook to try and open the vehicle door. I'd some experience opening vehicle doorways with wire hooks and so i required over when i contacted the vehicle.

By using my nephew, the youthful lady and something body else I could unlock the vehicle to ensure that the youthful lady might get the secrets to her vehicle. I had been still just a little disgruntle through the delay triggered through the clerk's failure to check on for paper however i was happy which i could assist the youthful lady.

Selecting the ultimate destination

After we could leave the benefit store we headed in the future toward Briceburg. We stopped a couple of miles in the future to place air inside a tire and revisit our final destination.

Bass Lake

Levi and Kita

The ATM problem postponed our trip for pretty much an hour or so. I calculated that people wouldn't arrive towards the intended place to go for about two hrs. The suggestion is made that people change our destination to somewhere closer.

I was about ten miles from Oakhurst at that time and so i checked on the couple of locations that will let us go swimming without travelling to date. We chosen Angel Falls since it was just 45 minutes away.

Finally showed up at our destination

It had been nearly 4p.m. when we've got towards the parking area in which the trail mind starts. We've got our chips and soda from the vehicle and also the dogs out then headed in the trail.

We stopped in the to begin with that appeared as if a swimming hole. It had been type of treacherous since the rocks were slippery. After around an hour in the first swimming hole we left to find Devil's Slide.

We hiked for around an hour but never found Devil's Slide. Eventually we made a decision to show back before we went from light. Because it works out we ought to have switched around half an hour earlier.

Anything you do, don't hike at nighttime

Demons Slide


I had been an associate from the Search and Save after i is at senior high school. I'd taken care of immediately several situation of individuals becoming lost during the night. The final 20 minutes in our hike to the vehicle is at almost total darkness.

Fortunately nobody fell around the hike to the automobiles. Nevertheless it was pretty dark when we've got back.

Water was cold since the supply of water is snow runoff. It had been so cold that none people really swam within the water within the regular feeling of the word go swimming. Essentially just dipped ourselves in to the water.

Stopped to refill the tanks

We'd a lengthy hike along with a lengthy day overall. In route back from Angel Falls we stopped at Chukchansi Casino to take the buffet. The poultry was tough, the cheese cake was too old to become offered, overall the standard was under expected.

The savior for that buffet at Chukchansi was the bread pudding, grain pudding, and also the orange chicken. The tacos were very good and also the relaxation from the Asian fare was fairly decent.

Devil's slide near Bass Lake

When we've got home I was exhausted. All of us completed early for that evening. And rested like babies.

We realize that outings towards the river won't be obtainable in a couple of days. We're fortunate within Fresno because we have the choice they are driving a couple of miles and move away from the town.

Thank You For Looking at Fresno Urban


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