Fresnans Should Enjoy The Best Produce and Fruit

Fresno Supports Sustainable Organic Agriculture


Clovis will hose the 2011 Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee on June 18, 2011. As residents of Fresno and Clovis, we enjoy the convenience of living in America’s fruit basket. Considering that we live in the middle of the harvest bounty, why do we not enjoy the finest crop available? The answer is, we can enjoy the best of the best. Clovis will host the 2011 Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee on June 18, 2011.
What can you expect at the Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee? How about the finest organic peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots and apricots that Fresno can produce? I used to be in the trucking business, while I worked in that business I had the opportunity to visit some organic fields. Specifically, these were fields that were planted with organic tomatoes and harvested in an organic way. From that day on, I could tell an organic field from a ‘traditional field’ within seconds of looking at the field. To be candid, the organic field appears more chaotic. There are weeds sticking up above the crop and close inspection reveals more insects.
However, the food produced organically will taste twice as good. The flavors are richer, the bitterness is more bitter, the sweet is sweeter, and the experience is better. When organic ingredients are used in a recipe, the richness of the food is amplified by the quality of the ingredients.
The foundation to any dish is the quality of the ingredients. If you want a quality product or meal, then you must start with quality ingredients. Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee is going to happen on June 18, 2011 in Clovis, make sure you stop by 5790 N. Indianola Ave., in Clovis, CA on that date to experience the jubilee and snatch up some quality stone fruit from out valley.
For additional information, visit EcoFarm’s website here.

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